Lavt inntak av vitamin D og skjoldbruskkjertelen

Hey Trond. I would like to have the correlation between the low intake of Vitamin D and the related problems with thyroid. I am a celiac person who developed a multiple series of problems such as depression, muscular and many neurological problems. All of those got under control after I was diagnosed as a Celiac with a Marsh 3b. I am looking forward for your answer. Thanks

Trond svarer

D-vitamin is important for several reason. In addition to being responsible for Calcium absorption, it is involved in controlling T cell immunity, in the sense that low D-vitamin is associated with increased risk for developing autoimmune diseases. Celiacs do have an increased risk of thyroid diseases, not because they are celiacs, but due to the common underlying risk factors that celiac disease share with thyroid diseases, like HLA-DQ2.5/DQ8 and the tendency to develop autoimmune immune reactions. I am glad they found out what you suffered from as you had many extra-intestinal celiac symptoms, which often delay celiac diagnosis.

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